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Quickly create and share notes or lists with anyone or everyone within your Trusted Circle™. Always have mom's medical history on hand, easily share daily routines with paid caregivers, or simply keep track of groceries or household goods you need to purchase.

Keep track of all the important information.

WayWiser’s Notes & Lists feature is the solution for all of that information you’ve been keeping on scratch pads and sticky notes. Store information about mom’s meds, keep track of all of dad’s doctors, keep a history of medical conditions, or just create a list of what you need to get at the store.

Never again will you be rummaging through the kitchen drawer, trying to find that torn piece of paper with a note from the doctor scribbled on it.

Share notes and lists with ease.

WayWiser’s Notes & Lists feature is a breeze when it comes to passing information from one person to the next. 

Write up your dad’s daily care routine and share it seamlessly with anyone in your Trusted Circle, be it your sibling, a friend, or one of the paid caregivers who’s helping out.

Collaboration is key.

WayWiser’s Notes & Lists feature isn’t just a set it and forget sort of situation. Notes and lists can be viewed and edited by given access within your Trusted Circle. 

Start up a shopping list and ask your brother to add to it. Create a note to track daily routine and have your paid caregiver update it on the fly. Caregiving coordination has never been easier.

How To Use Notes & Lists

1. Open the WayWiser app.

2. Choose the appropriate Trusted Circle.

3. Tap the “Notes & Lists” icon to view previously made notes.

4. If you want to edit a note, choose that note and tap the “pencil” icon on the top right of the screen.

5. If you want to create a new note, tap the “create” button on the bottom right of the screen. Select “Note or List”, and choose the type of note or list that you’d like to create.

6. Once you’ve opened a note, new or not, you can edit the title by tapping the bold lettering at the very top of the screen.

7. You can select who can view or edit the note by selecting if it is intended for those with “financial”, “medical”, or “daily living” access (this was established when you invited them to the circle).

8. Now you’re ready to write! Just tap into the gray box and begin.

9. Don’t forget to tap “save” on the top right when you’re finished.

See it in action

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