Private & Secure

Just like sharing stories from your day around the dinner table, you can use WayWiser to connect with your Trusted Circle in a meaningful way through secure, private messaging.

Quickly and Conveniently Share Caregiving Messages Right Within the App.

Leave your convoluted text message threads and alerts at the door. Quit scrolling endlessly through your daily text messages to find the ones that matter most.

Stop stressing about each and every text alert that might come your way. Know that this is the place for communication specific to your loved one and their care.

Assign Tasks and Resolve Issues in Real Time.

WayWiser is your space to resolve real issues in real time with your siblings, neighbors, professional caretakers, and anyone else who needs to be in the loop. 

Your Trusted Circle will use WayWiser messaging as a safe space to discuss caregiving and other important family issues, keeping those conversations separate from the normal daily chit chat.

Securely and Privately Share Photos & Videos with Your Trusted Circle.

Just like your favorite messaging apps, WayWiser allows you to share text, audio, or even images and video in real time. You can share experiences and daily smiles with your loved ones from near and far.

How To Use Messaging

1. Open the WayWiser app

2. Tap the chat bubble icon on the bottom of the screen.

3. Tap “Start A Conversation” or select an active conversation thread.

4. If a new conversation, select who you’d like to include in the message.

5. Start coordinating with your Trusted Circle using text, audio, or images.

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Beyond Messaging

Beyond the obvious benefits of fast, reliable communication, keeping in regular contact with your loved ones can improve your mood, increase your cognitive reserve, and keep you and your loved ones safe from scams and exploitation.

Social Engagement Can Improve Your Mood and Purpose.

We aren’t talking about posting the silly things that might work on the popular social media apps. We’re talking about real engagement with people you care about. Photos, messages, and updates about you and the family can go a long way to feeling connected when you’re physically distant.

Social Contact Increases Cognitive Reserve.

A greater frequency of social contact at age 60 years is associated with a lower risk of developing dementia and more frequent midlife social contact is associated with higher subsequent cognitive performance. 

Loneliness Affects Fraud Susceptibility.

When you remove yourself from your Trusted Circle, you begin to reach for connection elsewhere. Potential scammers are able to lean into your life more easily, convincing you that they are here to help, when really they are reaching in to exploit you financially. 

Get Connected.
Stay Protected.

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