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Send and receive daily updates from near or far with your private, secure activity feed. Post a photo to let everyone know that the groceries were delivered, send a quick message about mom's doctor visit, or simply share a story to be sure everyone stays in the loop.

Share Daily Care Updates with Your Trusted Circle.

WayWiser’s newsfeed is the perfect place to keep your Trusted Circle informed. This isn’t public and this isn’t going to people you hardly know. Feel safe sharing details about your mother’s health conditions, photos from your father’s bedside, or any information related to the daily care of your loved ones.

This is private, secure, and just for your Trusted Circle of family and friends.

Foster Connection From Wherever You Are.

Feel connected with your Trusted Circle by sending group updates and virtual hugs whenever inspiration strikes, no matter your distance. 

WayWiser allows you and your loved ones to connect with images, videos, and daily updates in a private, personal space, whether you’re a full time caregiver or managing from afar.

Keep Your Loved Ones Feeling Loved.

Social connection is a major contributor to living a longer life and maintaining a stronger brain. 

Sharing experiences on a regular cadence can help those in your care along with those in your Trusted Circle smile more often and remain healthy longer.

How To Use The Activity Feed

1. Open the WayWiser app.

2. Choose the appropriate Trusted Circle.

3. You can scroll through the feed to see recent posts or, to create a new post, simply touch “create” on the bottom right corner of the screen.

4. Choose “create a post” and tap “continue”.

5. Write something that will bring a smile to your circle.

6. If you’d like to add a photo or video, tap “Add Attachment” and choose the option that makes sense.

7. If adding a photo (or several), select which ones you desire and then tap “done”.

8. Finally, tap “create post” for your note, photo, video, or combination to appear on the activity feed.

See it in action

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Beyond the activity feed

Beyond the obvious benefits of fast, reliable communication, keeping in regular contact with your loved ones can improve your mood, increase your cognitive reserve, and keep you and your loved ones safe from scams and exploitation.

Social Engagement Can Improve Your Mood and Purpose.

We aren’t talking about posting the silly things that might work on the popular social media apps. We’re talking about real engagement with people you care about. Photos, messages, and updates about you and the family can go a long way to feeling connected when you’re physically distant.

Social Contact Increases Cognitive Reserve.

A greater frequency of social contact at age 60 years is associated with a lower risk of developing dementia and more frequent midlife social contact is associated with higher subsequent cognitive performance. 

Loneliness Affects Fraud Susceptibility.

When you remove yourself from your Trusted Circle, you begin to reach for connection elsewhere. Potential scammers are able to lean into your life more easily, convincing you that they are here to help, when really they are reaching in to exploit you financially. 

Get Connected.
Stay Protected.

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