Authorities warn elderly about COVID-19 scams

By Andrew Stanton and Adam Sennott Globe Correspondent, Updated March 24, 2020, 9:23 p.m. Authorities across Massachusetts are warning residents about potential scams involving fraudulent COVID-19 tests. Elderly individuals are being advised to beware of scammers offering testing in exchange for money, a person’s medicaid number, or access to their home, the Massachusetts Senior Medicare Patrol program and the North … Read more

How to Avoid Coronavirus Phishing Scams

Watch out for a surge in emails from cybercriminals pitching COVID-19 health information and fake cures. As worries about the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 mount, cybercriminals are racing to capitalize on those fears with phishing emails designed to steal your personal information and your money, security experts say. The FBI, Secret Service, and World Health Organization have all recently … Read more

An ‘Unprecedented’ Wave Of Coronavirus Scams Is Coming, U.S. Attorney Warns

Everything about coronavirus life feels unprecedented. And that’s the adjective United States Attorney Scott Brady used when talking to Forbes about the level of COVID-19 scams he and his law enforcement colleagues are expecting. “The closest analogy is the kind of fraud that we saw relating to Hurricane Katrina,” he says. “I think we are really going … Read more

Online scammers target vulnerable Internet users during coronavirus outbreak

Several online schemes have emerged amid the public health crisis. Online scammers are on the offensive, looking to exploit the fears of vulnerable Internet users anxious for more information about the coronavirus outbreak, according to cybersecurity experts who are tracking current digital threats. “As coronavirus spreads across the world, users are increasingly getting hit with fake information,” said … Read more

Beware the coming coronavirus scam tsunam

When news captures the public’s attention – think major hurricanes, terrorist attacks, and economic slowdowns – scammers come out of the woodwork to take advantage of legitimate fears and concerns. With coronavirus dominating the news globally, there is an unprecedented opportunity for criminals to use the public’s fears about the virus and the resulting economic … Read more

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