Latest Scam Alerts

There May Be a New Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease on the Horizon
Alzheimer’s disease, which is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S., currently has no cure.
Congress Is Being Urged To Pass Bill For Seniors Victim To Fraud
Scamming seniors has become a booming business. During Covid-19 alone, federal officials have warned over 300 companies are touting fake Covid-19
How To Keep Your Loved Ones Safe From Being Scammed
The types of scams perpetrated against older adults range from the reallocation of the senior’s money for a caretaker’s personal use to sweetheart scams in online dating—and they are all on the rise.
What To Do If You Suspect Financial Abuse Of An Older Person
The sooner you take steps to halt losses and recoup lost funds the greater your chance is of preventing further financial exploitation.
5 Warning Signs Of Financial Elder Abuse
Elder abuse is more common than you might think. Learn to spot the early warning signs and what you can do to help.

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