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A New Study Shows Dancing Helps Older Adults Avoid Falls
Falling is currently the leading cause of accidental death and injury in people over the age of 65.
How To Cope With Caregiver Stress During A Pandemic
By maintaining your own health, you can take better care of others.
Why Walking Is So Important For Seniors To Stay Feeling Young
Walking is an effective way for older adults to reduce the risk for chronic conditions and improve overall health.
Tips On How To Reduce Your Risk Of Cognitive Decline
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 50 million people have dementia and, with one new case every three seconds, the number of people with dementia is set to triple by 2050.
How Seniors Can Travel Safely During Covid
If you’ve been itching to get out of the house or head out for a long weekend with the family there’s preventative measures you should take before hitting the road.

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