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WayWiser is a secure, private space to connect your family, paid caregivers, and close friends so you can manage the care and financial safety of an aging parent or other loved one as a team.


1. Create Your Trusted Circle

Invite family, close friends, and paid caregivers to create a circle of care around your loved one.

2. Connect Your Accounts

Effortlessly link your financial institutions using Plaid's connection for end-to-end data encryption ensuring you control how the information is shared.

3. Protect Those You Love

Keep your loved ones safe from fraud, scams, and exploitation by resolving concerns as a team.


Be the first on the block to surround your loved one with WayWiser’s Premium Protection.

Launching in Autumn 2022, our premium members will have access to secure document storage, financial account monitoring, custom alerts, and the ability to share suspicious transactions, resolving issues as a team. 

Care Coordination

Shared Calendar
Simple Coordination

Create events, manage appointments, share caregiving schedules, set reminders, and more.

Notes & Lists
Shared Information

Track tasks, manage medications, store doctor notes, and coordinate other key facets of your care routine.

Activity Feed
Stay Connected

Send daily caregiving updates, post photos, ask questions, and keep everyone connected in one private space.

Private & Secure

Communicate directly through a secure, encrypted platform and find those messages later, when you need them most.

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How Does Premium Protection Work?

Financial monitoring, secure document storage, and the power of a Trusted Circle to keep your parents and loved ones safe from scams, fraud, and exploitation as they age.

Centralized Account Monitoring

Watch over all of your loved one's financial accounts in a single dashboard with total control over who gets to see what. Share as much – or as little – as you need to with your Trusted Circle.

Share Suspicious Transactions

Share and discuss suspicious transactions and alerts. Whether your aging loved one is simply beginning to forget things – or potentially being taken advantage of - your Trusted Circle is your first line of defense.

Customizable Account Alerts

Set up automated notifications to fit your needs and any time something important happens – a change in balance, a suspicious transaction, or a cash withdrawal - you will be notified right away.

Secure Document Storage

Don't waste time and energy trying to manage your loved one's medical, legal, and financial documents with shoe boxes, post-it notes, or dare we say it... a filing cabinet. WayWiser's secure document storage is built just for this purpose.

Two Simple Options

We provide two transparent options to consider when looking to protect your loved one.



For Your Entire Trusted Circle

Coordinate and collaborate on the day to day needs of your aging parent or loved one.

Free For Everyone

Caregiving Tools
• Shared Calendar
• Notes & Lists
• Activity Feed
• Secure Messaging


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For Your Entire Trusted Circle / Billed Annually

Put yourself into the driver’s seat when it comes to the financial well being and safety of your loved one.

60 Day Free Trial

Caregiving Tools
• Shared Calendar
• Notes & Lists
• Activity Feed
• Secure Messaging
Financial Protection
• Financial Monitoring
• Customized Alerts
• Transaction Sharing
• Secure Document Storage

Safe & Secure with WayWiser

Our system combines advanced data encryption (AES 256), the secure TLS v.1.2 data transfer method, and hosting on the AWS infrastructure – the very same infrastructure used by global banks and the US Military.

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premium protection

Premium Protection

Be the first one on your block to surround your loved one with WayWiser’s Premium Protection.

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